FAQs Continued

Do I need a uniform to practice?

Yes, if after trying a class you wish to join. You may purchase your uniform on your own as long as it is a white KARATEGI (karate uniform) and the protective equipment is approved by WKF. There are many brands available. IT IS NOT MANDATORY to buy any item from us, with the exception of the patches of our school and organization, which cost $10+tax

Is Karate a sport?

Karate is not essentially a sport, but it has a sport aspect. That is to say, the path of karate has a much deeper objective than mere sports competition.

It is worth mentioning that in Shito Kai Des Moines we promote participation in the competition, because we think that the sporting part, is the best and safest way to test our skills. We do not believe that competition corrupts the principles of karate, although we recognize that an exclusively sporting approach distorts the essence of our martial art.

Is Karate an Olympic Sport?

Yes, karate will make its debut as an Olympic discipline in Tokyo 2020.

In karate, is it necessary to spar?

At some point, yes. We believe that understanding timing and distance management are fundamental to the mastery of any combat system. However, it is essential to acquire a certain technical level to practice combat in a safe manner. Safety is our main concern.

Does your school practice full contact combat?

No, we do not conduct or promote any activity that involves full contact.