Dress code

In the KARATE-DO culture, cleanliness and good personal appearance are fundamental. We do not consider this aspect a triviality. Therefore, students must present themselves to train:

• Wearing karategi (uniform for karate-do) clean and white, with the corresponding grade belt and the two shields of our club. The sleeves and pant legs of the karategi should not be rolled up. If they are very long, they must be cut and sewn.

• Neat, with toenails and fingernails trimmed

• Women should hold their hair with accessories that are not metal or plastic (bands and ponytails are acceptable)

• No accessories, such as watches, earrings, bracelets, etc.
• Women must wear a white T-shirt under their uniform jacket

 • With suitable protective gear for KARATE-DO (approved by WKF). 

About Our Dress Code

In general, students should make an effort to care for their appearance. Making an effort in training is an obligation of all, but this can never be an excuse to neglect our personal hygiene or the way of our personal appearance.

At SHITO-KAI DESMOINES we sell karategis, belts and protective gear, however, the only thing that is obligatory to acquire through us, are the patches of our club, as this is a requirement of the organization to which we belong. Outside of these items, students are free to acquire karategis, belts or protective gear on their own, as long as they comply with the guidelines of this code.