Code of Duty

Upon joining our club, all students/members must undertake the following duties:

 1. Arrive to class on time. Fulfilling this duty is not only important as an example for younger students, but it also reduces the risk of injury, as warm-up is essential to any training session.

 2. Bow upon entering and exiting the training area (Tatami or mat) 

3. Arrive to class, clean and neat. This is not only a consideration towards other students, but it is also part of the culture of Karate Do. 

4. Wear clean karategi (white uniform), with our school patches, and the rank belt that corresponds to you. Women should wear a white t-shirt under the uniform. 

5. Students must put all of their effort in each training session and attend to the recommendations from his/her sensei and/or other instructors 

6. Demonstrate respect and consideration for other students and instructors 

7. Assist in the training and education of other students when necessary. Our club’s mission is to disseminate art of Karate-Do, and participation from all is encouraged. 

8. Parents or other visitors must refrain from intervening in their children’s training, during class. 

9. Help keep our Dojo clean and use all equipment with care. 

10. To take rank examinations when your instructor considers it appropriate. 

11. Tuition fees must be paid on time. 

12. Participate and/or collaborate in as many activities that will help us carry-out our mission. 

Please keep in mind, that at Karate Do Shito Kai we do not have customers, only instructors and students. Our expectation is that all students have the desire for improvement and growth. Therefore, effort is a requisite.