About our instructor

Nakata Sensei started practicing karate when he was 10 years old and received his black belt at age 14. During his career, he has had the opportunity to experience practically all aspects of karate, both sporting and cultural.

In sports, he competed in the categories of children, youth and adults; He was captain of the karate team of his university, where he enjoyed a sports scholarship; He was also an instructor at our Hombu Dojo (Shito-Kai Murayama) and UCHI-DESHI (live-in apprentice) of Murayama Sensei.


Our Technical Director

Master Kunio Murayama has been practicing karate-do for more than 50 years, was a direct student of Master Manzo Iwata, holds 8th Dan (WSKF), was captain and coach of Toyo University (Japan), as well as coach of the Mexican National Team.  Murayama Sensei is also the headmaster or many schools in the USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Canada, Costa Rica, and Great Britain.